Waking up Swedish Style

Let's do Frukost (Swedish for breakfast)

When the mornings are long and dark, you need a breakfast to lighten your spirits. The Swedish breakfast, or Frukost, is a delicious medley of crisp breads, cold meats and of course hot, strong coffee. And it’s the only way to say God morgon, Svenska!

Northern Bites

Immortalised by The Muppet’s Swedish Chef, Smörrebröd is simply bread eaten with a whole host of delicious toppings. We say simply, but there is a definite skill to making the traditional Smörrebröd. And as for the toppings, well that’s all down to personal taste. Wholemeal, black or crisp bread is spread with butter and eaten with pickled salmon, marinated herrings, shellfish, cold roast meats, cheese or whatever else the heart desires.

Go for Groats

Havregrynsgröt is also a popular addition at the Swede’s morning meal. These oat groats are eaten with milk and apple puree and is a special treat for those with a sweet tooth. Small pancakes called Plätter can also be found at Frukost, but are also enjoyed at other times of the day.

Filmjölk Star

Another favourite of the Swedish breakfast table is filmjölk. This yoghurt-like Swedish milk is famous the world over and many Swedes miss this the most when they are away from home. It’s thick, delicious and at breakfast, eaten simply with stewed berries, oat flakes, cinnamon, sugar or jam.

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