Floor Care Green Range

What makes Electrolux Green vacuum cleaners green?

First of all, they are partially made from at least 55% recycled plastic. What others see as waste, we see as valuable raw material. This approach saves resources, and puts plastic waste to good use. What's more the packaging is also made from material that is recycled, and when the day comes to replace the vacuum cleaner, up to 90% of its materials are recyclable.

Secondly, our Green range of vacuum cleaners all use energy efficient, high performance motors that save up to 30% energy compared to an average 2,000W vacuum cleaner – and still provide powerful cleaning performance. Good for minimising household energy consumption, and you power bill.

By selecting a product from the Electrolux Green Range you join the quest for setting new, modern standards – for your home and our world.

Green Range

UltraSilencer Green

The quietest vacuum cleaner ever is also green. The UltraSilencer Green operates at a super quiet 68 dB(A), which makes it compatible which means you can vacuum without disturbing the neighbors, those watching TV or even sleeping children!

Ergospace Green

The Ergospace Green combines our Green concept – an energy efficient motor and recycled plastics – with compact storage and a massive 13 meter cleaning reach, meaning you can clean more rooms from a single powerpoint.