Steam ovens are becoming increasingly popular in the home kitchen due to their ability to take cooking to the next level. But what makes them so good and why are they becoming the oven of choice? To help explain, three of Australia’s best chefs, James Viles (Biota, NSW), Massimo Mele (Grain of the Silo, TAS) and Scott Bridger (Bib & Tucker, WA), have put together a steam buying and cooking guide.

Why use oven’s steam function?

With steam, you can effortlessly grill, bake or roast to perfection. The FullTaste Steam function combines steam with hot air with steam throughout the cooking process. The Bake+ Steam function uses a touch of steam during the cooking process to specifically for baking to ensure you get richer colours, crispier crusts and a delicious soft inside texture.

Massimo Mele (Grain of the Silos – NSW, TAS)

The Electrolux Multifunction Pyrolytic steam oven allows you to not only steam but also to roast and bake while injecting steam into the oven to help keep your food moist.

When I’m at home I like to cook simple food. I recommend steaming a piece of fish with a delicious salad for the perfect week day dinner. I also love steamed crayfish with saffron, garlic and fennel butter – it’s always a crowd pleaser!

Scott Bridger (Bib & Tucker, May Street Larder and Goody Twos - WA)

Experiment with different vegetables and meats in your steam oven. A steam cooking favourite in our house is the humble roast chicken. This time of the year we take some fresh Manjimup truffle and place them under the skin of the chicken with some thyme, season well and brush with a little melted butter.

James Viles (Biota Dining, Bertha’s and Barn by Biota– NSW)

A steam oven is a great way to quickly put together a delicious yum cha session or cook a whole fish for the whole family. My favourite steam recipe is steamed orange pudding with soured cream. It is such a luxury during winter!