• 1. Smoking

    Robin Wickins, Chef at The Royal Mail Hotel who won the coveted Best in Taste award for his ‘Pork Hangis’ said we’ll be seeing a lot more smoked and slow-cooked, American BBQ style meats. Newcomer, Fancy Hanks even brought their on-site smoker as the subtle smell of wood-smoked meats wafted through the grounds. This summer, Mike Patrick, chef at Fancy Hanks is encouraging people to smoke their own meats at home. He demonstrated how to make your own pastrami, by brining beef brisket for five days before smoking and slow-cooking it – try the recipe for yourself below.

    2. Frosé (also known as Frozen Rosé)

    This is the drink of the summer, according to Nathaniel Destefano from Gazi. You can guarantee it's going to cool you down on those sweltering summer afternoons. Did someone say wine o’clock?

    3. Ceviche

    “It’s fresh, light, healthy and sustainable,” says Alejandro Saravia from Pastuso. With bikini season upon us, this lean cuisine is a must. Alejandro uses fresh red snapper or Ora king salmon before curing in fresh citrus juices and seasoning. This Latin American cuisine is perfect during summer.

  • 4. Pickling

    Scott Pickett from Pickett’s Deli & Rotisserie and Estelle is seeing a return to old school preservation techniques – using brines or vinegar solutions to pickle or ferment fruits and vegetables. 

    5. Fermented rice

    Talking of fermentation, Richard Ousby, Executive Chef at Stokehouse, believes we’ll be seeing fermented rice everywhere. It is umami rich and can be added to dressings for an interesting and tasty twist! Definitely one to consider for your summer salad. 

    6. Dessert bars

    Sweet tooths rejoice! Dessert bars are becoming increasingly popular according to Joanne Ward, Executive Pastry Chef at Om Nom, whose flair for creativity has been likened to Heston Blumenthal. If Shaun Quade’s (Lûmé) ‘Birds Nest’ dessert is anything to go by then it may be mistaken for a piece of art adorned with pretty edible flowers.