We asked Stewart Wesson, Electrolux Ambassador and chef of Whistle & Flute in Adelaide, for his winning Father’s Day formula.
  • 1. How does Father’s Day usually kick off in your house?

    My Father’s Day normally starts with a sleep in, then my wife and daughter cook me breakfast.

    2. What’s on your ideal Father’s Day menu?

    I have a huge family so any special event is normally a massive day so Father’s Day is no different. For brekkie, I will have a favourite of mine, which is tomatoes on toast with avocado, basil and soft steamed eggs (see recipe below). We’ll then go on to my in-laws house for an Italian feast where there’s always lots of charcuterie, pasta and seafood. Then, it’s on to my parents in the evening, generally for a roast.

    3. Will you be dining out this Sunday or cooking something special at home?

    I get a day off from cooking on Father's Day, for us it's a big day filled with lots of family. I'm surrounded by some pretty amazing home cooks so I will be eating whatever they whip up!

  • 4. What’s your favourite Father’s Day memory growing up?

    I can't pick a favourite Father’s Day memory. I just always remember them being a fun day filled with family, food and laughs. I'm glad that I can now share these memories with my daughters.

    5. What’s on your Father’s Day wish list?

    My Father's Day wish list is pretty simple…spending the day with my girls, having a few drinks with friends and family and eating some tasty food.

1 loaf rye sourdough (or a bread of your choosing)
8 free-range eggs
2 punnets of heirloom tomatoes (medium size)
2 avocado
½ bunch basil

  1. Preheat Electrolux Steam oven to 130°C using the Electrolux Steam function.
  2. Place eggs (in their shells) on the slotted stainless steel oven rack and steam for 6 mins.
  3. Place the tomatoes onto a tray and dress with olive oil, salt and black pepper and place in the oven for 4 mins with the eggs.
  4. Cook the tomatoes until their skin begins to split. Retain the tomato juice/oil mixture.
  5. Run the eggs under cold water until the shells are cool enough to touch, then gently crack the shells and peel the egg, keeping the eggs whole.
  6. Cut the sourdough into 2cm thick slices and lightly toast the bread.
  7. Top the toasted bread with the soft steamed eggs, tomatoes and tomato dressing, then slice the avocado and place beside to garnish.

To serve, rip fresh basil leaves and place on top with cracked black pepper.