Electrolux PUREi9 is Available With These Retailers

The Vacuum That Gives You Peace of Mind.

Imagine knowing your home cleaning can now perfectly align with your busy schedule. With features like 3D Vision System™ and triangular Trinity Shape™ to reach those tricky corners, maintaining a clean home has never been easier with the PUREi9.

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Connecting You to a Cleaner Home

The PUREi9 vacuum can be controlled from anywhere using your smartphone. The PUREi9 app lets you customise a cleaning schedule, check status and control the vacuum cleaner at any time. So, wherever your day takes you, relax knowing you’ll return to a clean home.

Always Thinking Ahead

With its innovative 3D Vision System™, the Electrolux PUREi9 accurately scans the room to steer clear of obstacles. Together with its 3D mapping navigation™, it cleans in a structured and efficient manner, avoiding cleaning the same area many times.

No Corner Too Sharp

Corners and tough-to-reach spots are no match for the PUREi9. Its unique triangular Trinity shape™ and side PowerBrush™ reaches every corner and thoroughly cleans along walls.

Maximum Dust Pick Up with PureFlow Technology

Strong airflow powered by a brushless motor, together with an extra-wide brush roll and filter ensures maximum suction on all floor types.

Carpet, Wood, Tiles and More

Whatever the floor type, the PUREi9 has it covered. It features PureFlow, a powerful airflow system creating maximum suction for one-pass dust-pickup and automatically recognizes carpets and adapts cleaning mode for an impeccable clean on all surfaces.

Reaching New Heights

We're raising the bar for robotic vacuum cleaners. Literally. Our ClimbForceDrive™ system enables the PUREi9 to scale obstacles that are up to 2.2 cm high.

Know what's up

Always know what your robot it up to with the coverage map and live statistics.

Recharge + Resume = Result

With the smart charging and resuming system, the PUREi9 never stops cleaning. When charging is required it automatically returns to its base station, and once charged, it resumes cleaning exactly where it left off.

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