Australia wastes over five million tonnes of food each year, with half of this food waste occurring in the home and costing the average family over $1,000 every year*. To help overcome this, Electrolux partnered with food rescue organisation OzHarvest in 2017 to inspire and encourage people to reduce food waste at home.

2018 hosted the first All Taste No Waste Dinner Series took place at the Electrolux Experience Centre in Sydney with six of Australia’s best chefs.

Over three nights, Jacqui Challinor (Nomad), Stewart Wesson (Whistle & Flute), James Viles (Biota), Richard Ousby (Stokehouse Restaurants), Massimo Mele (Grain of the Silos) and Mitch Orr (ACME) paired up to create bespoke menus that transformed some of the most commonly wasted foods including eggs, fish, milk, bread and cheese. All proceeds were donated to OzHarvest who were then able to provide 9,850 meals to vulnerable Australians.

With help from the chefs and OzHarvest, we have shared some tricks and tips so you can reduce food waste in the home.

Electrolux and OzHarvest tips:

  1. Pre-plan your meals and base them around what you already have in your fridge, freezer and pantry.
  2. Never shop on an empty stomach otherwise you’ll make impulse purchases or over-shop
  3. It’s more economical to buy whole pieces of meat, then break it down at home. This also forces you to learn how to use up every part of the meat.
  4. Invest in quality appliances that are designed to keep your food fresh for longer such as the Electrolux French Door Fridge with FreshPlus™ technology.
  5. Learn how to store fresh foods correctly in your fridge. Keep vegetable and fruit in the crispers, meat on the bottom shelf and leftovers in airtight containers.

* Food waste facts-

To find out more about OzHarvest, visit the OzHarvest website.