ComfortLift™ is the First of its Kind

The guests have gone. The party’s over. It’s been a wonderful evening. Now it’s time to stack the dishwasher. In your Electrolux kitchen, smart solutions are ready to help you at every step of the cooking experience – including this end-of-the-evening chore.

2018 Good Design Awards - Best in Class

ComfortLift™ was recognised as Best in Class at this year’s 2018 Good Design Awards. Australia’s annual Good Design Awards program is one of the oldest and most prestigious international design awards in the world, promoting excellence in design and innovation.


Fit it all in

With 25% more capacity than an average dishwasher, RealLife® can accommodate even your most unusually shaped dishes. Enjoy complete cooking freedom using whichever utensils, pots and serving platters suit your culinary creativity knowing everything is loaded into RealLife® will be cared for.

Precise care

DirectWash offers the most precise targeted cleaning, giving bottles and glasses on the top rack a thorough wash, or tackling the pots and pans below for extra attention.

Room for creativity

Don’t be afraid to give your culinary ambitions free rein. Our dishwashers are designed to take large, odd shaped items like pots and pans and the intuitive FlexiSpray arm ensures water reaches all parts of the tub, so they come out sparkling.

Gentle on glassware, rigid on pots

FlexiWash cleans fragile glassware in your upper basket with more heavily soiled items in the lower basket.

The right wash. Every time

No matter how dirty your dishes, your dishwasher has the appropriate cycle to make them sparkle again. A Quick 30 is ideal for a load of just-used plates and pans or use the intensive Triple Wash for a deep clean.

No tea towels needed

Our intuitive AirDry technology automatically opens the door 10cm towards the end of the cycle which ensures natural drying without wasting energy. So the dishes are ready when you are.