Every year, millions of tonnes of clothes that are in good condition are thrown away completely unnecessarily. How we take care of our clothes has a big impact on our environment and reducing clothing waste is something we can do here and now. That is why we have developed washing machines and dryers that can give clothes longer life and reduce the climate impact.

Why 30 is the new 40 in laundry

Most people would like to have a more environmentally friendly attitude when it comes to washing their clothes, but many people believe that low temperatures can not get rid of unwanted odours and stains. With today’s advanced UltraMix technology, 30 degrees is as effective as 40 degrees. The colours are preserved longer while using energy more efficiently

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Vapour instead of washing

It is often unnecessary to overload a washing machine by overfilling it, especially when you just need to give the clothes a quick refresh. By using vapour, you save on water consumption, extend the life of clothes and reduce the climate impact. Steam can also treat wrinkles and creases to save you time when ironing. Many of our washers and dryers include a VapourRefresh program, which steams the clothes at the end of the washing cycle or when you wish.

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Connected laundry

Choosing the perfect wash program for your clothes can reduce the wear and tear on your favourite pieces. Care Advisor recommends programs for your clothes, based on their fabric type. By entering the fabric type, colour and soil level, the app will then customise the cycle, for longer lasting clothes.


I'm happy with my purchase. My favourite cycle is the vapour refresh which is perfect for some of my delicate dresses.

- Angela, NSW AU, 10kg front load washer EWF1042BDWA 



    6 simple steps to more sustainable laundry management


    Most people understand the benefits of clothing care and preserving clothes longer, but a lot of people do not know how to wash sustainably. Washing based on an existing routine or habit is common, but if you make small changes in the washing process, you can reduce the climate impact without extra effort.



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Say goodbye to overheating with DelicateCare heatpump dryers


Modern dryers reuse the heated air generated inside the machine while lowering the temperature to achieve satisfactory results. Did you know that today's technology allows you to tumble dry delicate materials like wool and silk?

Many of Electrolux washers and dryers are equipped with washing programs that are specially designed for functional and outdoor clothing.


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Washing machines in the UltimateCare range


Your clothes look newer longer. The colours wont fade and the garments retain their shape and structure. Imagine a style that lasts.


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Imagine that your clothes retain their feel, shape and function longer. That the silk blouse does not wrinkle, the wool sweater does not shrink and the outerwear continues to stay waterproof. Imagine being able to tumble dry clothes you never thought were possible before.