When it comes to new kitchen appliances, most of us opt for light and bright —but recently, these go-to looks have been taking a back seat to a new trend on the block – black. Darker finishes bring an immediate level of sophistication and sleek design to any space, but do they have staying power?

Swedish born interior designer Anna-Carin McNamara (ANNA CARIN design) whose design signature is stylish, innovative and filled with functional solutions that will stand the test of time, says yes.

“We have seen fixtures such as taps and handles in many different finishes for quite a while, including dark, so it’s a natural progression that we also start to see different finishes in appliances,” she says.

In fact, Google searches for black and dark colours when it comes to kitchen design are up 93% in the past six months, as our tastes turn to the dark side.

“What I love about dark appliances in a kitchen is that they become a more subtle part of the room, working beautifully in a space where darker more earthy colours and materials are used,” explains Anna-Carin, who has a Master of Arts degree from the Royal College of Art in London and has worked as in-house designer for prominent interior house Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm.

The Electrolux ambassador recommends matching the adjoining surfaces in colour and texture to create a cohesive and consistent look.

In other words, when combined with the right cabinetry and other metallic elements, you’ll have an aesthetically impressive, upscale, European look that’s also functional.

This year, Swedish appliance manufacturer, Electrolux, celebrates 100 years’ experience designing premium appliances for the home. To mark the centenary, Electrolux has launched a full new kitchen suite in dark stainless steel, which showcases its Swedish principals of design and innovation for better living.

Speaking of the new range, McNamara says, “From sleek fridges to intuitive ovens, the dark stainless steel finishes from Electrolux offer seamless elegance for any kitchen design.”

But if you’re concerned about dark colours making small spaces appear even tighter, Anna-Carin believes that’s unwarranted.

“Space size doesn’t really influence what colours work best. For example, a small room can be dramatic if dark,” she says.

And while you might be considering a few darker additions instead of a complete kitchen overhaul, Anna-Carin shares this advice for mixing appliance colours.

“Do not sit them next to each other, but if they are placed in different areas it works well. For example, tall units can all be dark but the island lower appliances can be light,” she says.