What is an induction cooktop?

With induction cooktops, the heat is instant as your pan is heated by a magnetic field instead of a flame or electric element. Pans heat up faster and ingredients cook at the precise temperature so you get delicious results every time.

Cooking with an induction cooktop

An Induction cooktop looks seamless in your kitchen, is safer, is simple to clean and gives you precise temperature control. To ensure your pan is compatible with an Induction cooktop it needs to have magnetic capability. This can be simply tested by placing a magnet on the bottom of your pan to see if it attracts, if so then your pan should work on the cooktop.


Instantaneous heat for faster heat up

Precise temperature control

Seamless integration with your benchtop

Touch controls to give you accuracy


Space and freedom

Use large pots and pans like a professional chef. The extra large MaxiZone gives you the freedom to effortlessly prepare all kinds of dishes that need a large pan with consistent heat, like that delicious paella you’ve been wanting to cook.

Your kitchen, your way

Enjoy a kitchen appliance that’s versatile enough to handle your most complex dishes. Thanks to FlexiBridge, you can combine your induction zones in a range of ways – or use them all at once – for the largest single cooking area available. Perfect heat distribution ensures even cooking all the way through.

Hands free hood

While you concentrate on the flavours, the innovative Hob2Hood feature will take care of keeping your kitchen fresh. The rangehood automatically turns on as soon as you start cooking, and intuitively adjusts the fan speed with your cooking.

Control at your fingertips

Gently slide your finger across the control, to the temperature you need and you can be confident it will respond right away, so you can create delicious meals effortlessly. The Stop & Go feature offers a useful “keep warm” setting if you’re unexpectedly interrupted.

2 become 1

Create a single large cooking surface, ideal for making the most of plancha grill plates or roasting pots. FlexZone combines 2 separate cooking zones, including the temperature and time settings, for ultimate flexibility.

Cook like a professional

Chef Mode enables you to choose between different preset heated zones by simply sliding your pan across the hob. Go from boiling to simmering to keeping the pot warm by placing it on the different heat zones – allowing you full control in the kitchen.

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