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Clean And Seamless Machines

Our built-in dishwasher range is designed to be placed under your bench and secured to your cabinetry, giving you a seamless look within your kitchen design. With the choice of a fully integrated or stainless steel finish, your new dishwasher will come with a range of helpful features.

  • Non-Integrated
  • Integrated


Our philosophy is simple: life in the kitchen should be seamless and intuitive. That’s why we’ve developed a new range with smart, sustainable features and clean lines for an effortless experience.

  • ComfortLift
  • MaxiFlex
  • GlassCare
  • ExtraHygiene
  • SatelliteClean
  • ComfortLift

    ComfortLift is the first of its kind, making it easier than ever to load and unload your dishes. The unique hinge mechanism allows you to gently lift the lower rack, meaning you no longer need to bend down low to load and unload heavy plates, platters, pots, and pans.

  • MaxiFlex

    The MaxiFlex drawer accommodates everything from spoons to spatulas. From multiple cutlery sets to oversized utensils, the flexible dividers mean you can customise the drawer according to the load. Flatware is kept separate from larger items and the added depth increases the capacity for each cycle.

  • GlassCare

    SoftGrips and SoftSpikes gently support your delicate glasses, safeguarding them from damage, while the dedicated glassware program means you no longer have to hand wash. SoftGrips gently secure each individual glass stem, while the rubber SoftSpikes cushion glassware from vibration during the wash cycle so they do not move around.

  • ExtraHygiene

    The ExtraHygiene function gives you maximum cleaning performance with hygienic care. With the ExtraHygiene function, the final rinse phase heats up to above 60°C and keeps the temperature high for a minimum of 10 minutes to sanitize your dishes, removing more than 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.*

    *Tested for Micrococcus luteus and MS2 bacteriophage in external test performed by Swissatest Testmaterialien AG in 2021 (Test Report No. 20212029).

  • SatelliteClean

    SatelliteClean shoots multiple jets of water into every corner of the dishwasher to ensure every item is thoroughly cleaned. The double rotation movement continuously changes the angle of the water jets to ensure maximum coverage, delivering outstanding cleaning results.