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food sustainability organic food how to minimise food waste swedish food traditions sustainable cooking

3 Swedish Innovations That Inspire Food Sustainability

Explore the benefits of Swedish traditions with food sustainability and organic food that help to change the way we look at cooking and entertainment.

sustainable living sustainable cooking meal prepping how to minimise food waste home grown vegetables cooking tips

Inspired by The Chef’s Garden: Sustainable Cooking Tips

Discover sustainable cooking tips with Chef Massimo Mele and learn meal prepping as well as using innovative Electrolux appliances for eco-friendly cooking.

Drying clothes Washing clothes

Drying Clothes in Winter: 3 Tips and Tricks

Discover these laundry tips when washing and drying clothes during winter season to keep your clothes fresh throughout the cold season.

stress relieving foods healthy foods

4 Best Stress-Relieving Foods

Discover ways to reduce stress levels with stress-relieving foods. Learn how omega-3, fibre, fermented foods, and lemon water can support your well-being.

laundry laundry care washer washing machine

How To Wash Shoes In A Washing Machine

Wondering if you can wash your shoes in a washing machine? Learn what types of shoes you can wash in a washing machine, and how to avoid damaging them today.

cordless vacuum cleaner cordless vacuum best stick vacuum cordless stick vacuum handstick vacuum handstick vacuum cleaner

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Cordless Vacuum

Discover the benefits of using a cordless vacuum. From versatility to improved air quality, find out why it may be the perfect addition to your cleaning routine.

how to wash knitwear how to wash wool jumper how to dry wool jumper how to wash knit sweaters in washing machine how to dry knitwear washing knitwear

3 Best Laundry Care Tips to Revive Your Autumn Knitwear

Use our modern dryers and washing technology to revive your autumn knits with these three best laundry care tips. Learn how to revive your autumn knitwear today!

laundry room laundry storage small laundry room ideas

4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Small Laundry Room Space

Discover how to make the most of your small laundry room with 4 ways to maximize your space and streamline your routine.

sustainability sustainability tips sustainable living

23 Crowd-Sourced Sustainability Tips for your 2023

If in 2023 you want to do that bit better when it comes to sustainability, Electrolux has crowd-sourced 23 tips to inspire and move you toward a viable future.

dryers dryer myths sustainability dryer technology laundry laundry care

4 Dryer Myths and Tips to Bust Them

Rules and practices around using the dryer are often urban legends passed down through the years. Find out more about the solutions to these myths with our tips.
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