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Laundry is something we all have to do and an essential room in every home. So, when it comes to your space, it’s crucial to ensure it’s set up for optimal function, and a little touch of style no matter how big or small it is. And if your laundry space is on the smaller side, don’t fret, there’s always an idea to make the most out of your small laundry room.

Echoing our Swedish roots, we value a sustainable approach to everything we do, and it doesn’t stop at our products. From inspiring you to take better care of your clothes to make them last longer, to designing a small laundry space that works for your lifestyle, we want to empower you to live a better and more sustainable life.

Four ideas for a small laundry space

1. Create a clear vision for your laundry space

If you’re in the process of renovating your laundry, it’s important to have a clear vision of what you want and be realistic about what you’ll be able to fit in for storing your laundry. Not every laundry will be able to fit both a washer and a dryer, so consider purchasing a Washer Dryer combo to free up some precious centimetres.

Measuring the space up and having it drawn up accurately will allow you to be as efficient as possible with inclusions. Make sure to try as many variations as you can think of on paper.

2. Smart laundry storage is key

Well-organised laundry storage is key to maximising space in a small room. Integrated cabinetry of varying sizes including overhead storage and floor-to-ceiling cupboards with built-in laundry bins and ironing stations will help you keep clutter at bay. For extra style points, open shelves are a way to integrate some touches of décor into your laundry.

Benchtop space for housing washing baskets or use as a folding station is invaluable so try and include as much surface space as your laundry allows you to.

Smart solutions such as hanging racks and hooks to dry clothes, baskets to keep shelves organised and tidy and neatly decanted washing products will bring harmony to your space. if possible also elevate the machines for easy load and unload bit only if you can still have some bench space.

3. Create an illusion of a bigger space

Adding a mirror to your laundry room will help create the illusion of a bigger, brighter, more open space which is ideal for more enclosed spaces.

If placed opposite a window, the mirror reflects light and colour across the room, tricking the eye into thinking the reflections are increased volume. The bigger the mirror, the more space it will appear to create.

4. Think sustainably

If you’re upgrading your appliances, think about choosing the most energy-efficient options for your laundry. The innovative heat pump system on our 8kg UltimateCare 900 Heat Pump Dryer with 3D Sense ensures gentle drying, high performance and energy efficiency with an 8-star energy rating.

Aside from choosing energy-conscious appliances, you can help extend the life of your clothes and keep them out of landfills by properly taking care of them. Our UltimateCare range of washers and dryers comes with specialised programs and features that can help you create a more sustainable future.

6 Simple Tips To More Sustainable Laundry

Washing based on an existing routine or habit is common, but if you make small changes in the washing process, you can reduce the climate impact without extra effort.
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