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After building over 20 houses together, design duo Heather and Sarah of Oak and Orange know a thing or two about renovating.

Their latest project, Coastal Farmhouse, is set on an 890sqm parcel of land in a quiet rural suburb on the outskirts of Sydney and beautifully echoes their signature style – a fusion of modern coastal with relaxed resort vibes – while reflecting the simplicity of country living.

“We pride ourselves on designing homes that have character and personality but without compromising on practicality and functionality. It’s not a dream home unless it’s low maintenance and easy to clean, leaving you more time to spend with your loved ones,” says Heather and Sarah.

The clever floorplan suits modern families with larger open plan living centred around a pool. But the real powerhouse behind this family home is the laundry.

Heather and Sarah spared no attention to detail when it came to designing this one, including a built-in double hamper, a linen closet, stacked appliances and plenty of under bench and overhead storage. “That way it helps keep the room feeling uncluttered and tidy,” they agree.

Maximise laundry tips
Here are their top tips to help you maximise what is arguably one of the most used rooms in your home:

Make sure there’s always plenty of storage

One of the biggest mistakes we see is not enough storage. Even in smaller laundries, we often see people missing the opportunity to add overhead storage. It’s a great place for storing cleaning products as it’s usually shallow in depth. This also means the deeper, under bench cupboards can be used for large items and less items are on display, helping to keep the laundry looking tidier.

Choose appliances that suit your needs:

The Coastal Farmhouse was designed for a family so the design, right down to appliance choice had to suit. We love front loaders which is why we chose the Electrolux 10kg Front Load Washer. Its extra-large door opening is a massive bonus for families who do big loads of washing and the fact that you can save your favourite program and use it again at the touch of a button is the ultimate time-saver. We paired the washer with Electrolux’s 9kg Heat Pump Dryer. The advanced SensorDry was a big plus here because it means you won’t accidentally over dry the clothes and cause damage.

Choose appliances that suit your needs

Opt for a colour scheme that will last the test of time:

A favourite feature of the laundry would have to be the sage green cabinetry. It’s so soft and calming and makes what is typically a boring room something beautiful and special. The laundry is the one place we love to introduce colour, it’s a great, and safe, option for those who don’t want to use it in the kitchen and bathrooms. The key to working with colour is ensuring you add other elements that complement the colour but don’t compete with it. The goal at the end should be a really cohesive look that makes the feature colour shine through – keeping the other materials around it neutral will help achieve this.

Hide the dirty clothes, always:

Built in hampers are a must, especially a double pull-out one if the space allows. Although this laundry is beautiful, a big part of making it liveable is finding clever ways to make items easy to put away and get out. The built-in hamper leaves no excuse for clothes being left on the floor and when it’s time to put a load of washing on the clothes are already sorted into lights and darks. A hanging rail is also a really popular addition in laundries these days, so where possible try and add one.

Optimize your laundry chores with these accessories:

Advanced laundry accessories not only help you enhance your washing but streamline your laundry chores all in one. The drying rack hangs inside your dryer and is perfect for allowing delicate items, such as your favourite pair of shoes, to dry without being tossed and tumbled with your underwear around the barrel. Similarly, the laundry pedestal not only elevates the height of an individual appliance but gives you extra storage underneath for any additional towels or washing powder.

Optimize your laundry chores
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