We are firmly committed to reducing our impact on the environment, by becoming a better company, by being more efficient, creating more environmentally friendly appliances and promoting better eating, garment care and home environments, to shape a better future for all
Explore the benefits of Swedish traditions with food sustainability and organic food that help to change the way we look at cooking and entertainment.
Discover sustainable cooking tips with Chef Massimo Mele and learn meal prepping as well as using innovative Electrolux appliances for eco-friendly cooking.
Learn more about the story of Florence and Chloe Van Dyke of Chia Sisters who set out to create all-natural, health-promoting, and New Zealand’s first solar-powered juicer.
Discover the Swedish Sustainability Series highlighting pioneers in sustainability. Meet Peita Pini, creator of Veggie Saver, a smart produce bag reducing fresh food waste and inspiring a greener lifestyle.
Want to learn how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? The co-founders of Good Edi talk about the company's sustainable approach to edible cups.
Want to learn how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? Tasmanian Chef Massimo Mele talks about how he’s taking a more sustainable approach to food usage.
If in 2023 you want to do that bit better when it comes to sustainability, Electrolux has crowd-sourced 23 tips to inspire and move you toward a viable future.
Rules and practices around using the dryer are often urban legends passed down through the years. Find out more about the solutions to these myths with our tips.

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