Sustainability is important to us

We are firmly committed to reducing our impact on the environment, by becoming a better company, by being more efficient, creating more environmentally friendly appliances and promoting better eating, garment care and home environments, to shape a better future for all

sustainable living sustainable clothes sustainable fashion slow fashion sustainable clothing brands sustainable fashion brand eco-friendly clothes

Better TLKS: A Swedish Sustainability Series with Sustainable Clothing Brand UNIKSPACE

Discover sustainable living with UNIKSPACE's eco-friendly clothes, representing the essence of slow fashion and sustainable clothing brands.

sustainable living natural drinks natural energy drinks natural healthy juice

Better TLKS: A Swedish Sustainability Series with Chia Sisters

Learn more about the story of Florence and Chloe Van Dyke of Chia Sisters who set out to create all-natural, health-promoting, and New Zealand’s first solar-powered juicer.

sustainable bag eco-friendly environmental sustainability

Better TLKS: A Swedish Sustainability Series with Veggie Saver Sustainable Bag

Discover the Swedish Sustainability Series highlighting pioneers in sustainability. Meet Peita Pini, creator of Veggie Saver, a smart produce bag reducing fresh food waste and inspiring a greener lifestyle.

sustainable living edible cups edible coffee cup modern family kitchen

Better TLKS: A Swedish Sustainability Series with Good Edi

Want to learn how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? The co-founders of Good Edi talk about the company's sustainable approach to edible cups.

sustainability sustainability tips sustainable living food waste greener home

Sustainable Living with Massimo Mele

Want to learn how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? Tasmanian Chef Massimo Mele talks about how he’s taking a more sustainable approach to food usage.

Sustainability Fashion care Active gear

Exercise Better Care For Your Active Gear

Learn how to keep your trusty workout essentials fresh with these simple care tips.

Sustainability Circular economy Kitchen design Laundry design

Designing For Change

In this whitepaper, we take a closer look at how shifting from linear to circular thinking in design and construction can achieve better, more sustainable outcomes.

Sustainability Laundry appliances Energy efficiency

A Buyer's Guide To Eco-friendly Appliances For A Greener Home

Here’s what to consider when choosing energy-efficient options

Air purifier air health cleaner air

5 Ways You Can Improve Air Quality at Home, According to An Expert

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