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Rules and practices around using the dryer are often urban legends passed down through the years. Find out more about the solutions to these myths with our tips.

For generations, people have accused the dryer of being a nasty and unsustainable appliance in the home - often avoiding it altogether from their laundry routines. Dryers have been reputable for shrinkage and damage, scaring people into limiting their use and convincing others to not “put that in the dryer.”

Here at Electrolux, we design dryers with a human-centric philosophy, meaning, we want dryers to be easy to use, so you can debunk your old-school dryer myths. By using innovative technology, you’re able to care for your garments effortlessly and with the new year starting, it’s time to upgrade your laundry know-how and let go of these misconceptions!

Myth #1: Shrinking everything in its path

The number one myth stirring dryers’ bad reputation is that they shrink anything in their path. From socks to crewneck jumpers, the myth of finding your clothes shrunken and shriveled in size from the dryer remains today.

But did you know that fabrics only shrink when they’re over-dried? The lack of moisture in the fibres of your favourite piece of clothing is the reason for its shrinkage, meaning it's always important to check the care label on your clothing first.

Solution #1: Precise humidity sensors

Our 9kg UltimateCare 900 Heat Pump Dryer with 3D Sense offers SensiCare and 3D Sense technology to preserve your clothes and avoid clothing carnage. The advanced dryer eliminates the risk of over-drying by activating humidity sensors throughout each cycle for you to enjoy optimal drying accuracy.

Myth #2: A wrinkle machine

With limited time to iron around the entertaining season, debunking the common myth of dryers being a wrinkle machine may just get your time back from ironing. The longer the duration in which clothes are spun at a hot temperature, the more pronounced creases there will be.

Solution #2: Practice the tumble

Avoid these wrinkles by removing your damp clothes immediately from your washer and into the dryer, and of course, by using the appropriate dryer setting. Modern dryer technology often alternates drum motions from clockwise to counter-clockwise, preventing wrinkles on clothes from being firmly set in one position.

The tumble action, like that in our 6kg UltimateCare Vented Dryer with SensorDry, alternates to reduce clothes tangling and bunching, so that they dry evenly and quickly without wrinkles, giving you time back from ironing…or for that last-minute shirt you need washed and dried.

Myth #3: No place for delicates

Many people believe that excessive heat and tumbling from a dryer may permanently ruin delicate fabrics, but modern technology has found a way for you to dry your silks and woollens with no damage.

Solution #3: It’s all in the drum

With a raised circular texture, the Soft Touch Drum of our 8kg UltimateCare 500 Condenser Dryer with Sensor Dry creates a gentle environment for delicate clothing. This, combined with advanced humidity controls, minimises prolonged contact clothes make with the drum and heated air meaning you can throw in your most delicate fabric knowing that it is being safeguarded.

Myth #4: Takes forever to dry

Most of the time, a dryer cycle may last for 20 minutes to an hour and a half depending on what your appliance offers. Additionally, lint and debris building up in the exhaust vents is a common cause of your dryer taking too long.

Solution #4: Time is of the essence

Ensure you are making the conscious effort to clean your dryer vents to promote airflow and lengthen dryer times. Get even more time back by upgrading your dryer to one in our UltimateCare 500 range, offering fast-timed cycles and programs. Not only will this limit the wear and tear of your clothes but extend their longevity.

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