Electrolux has partnered with a leading group of chefs and design experts to provide inspiration that covers every element of the home including design, style, fashion care, food, entertaining, sustainability and wellbeing.

Swedish interior designer, Anna-Carin McNamara, says: “Growing up in Sweden, Electrolux appliances have always been part of my life and home. Swedish design is characterised by a respect for both functionality and aesthetics – and a belief that each can be achieved without sacrificing the other. I’m really excited to be working with a like-minded company which reflects my approach to intuitive design for the home.”

Richelle Barker, Electrolux Home Products, Director, Marketing, said, “We are thrilled to be working with such a talented group of ambassadors. Together, they are a diverse group who can demonstrate how Swedish thinking can lead to better living in the home.”

Our Partners

Meet the Electrolux Partners and their contribution to inspire community with Electrolux products.

Anna Carin

Anna-Carin McNamara is the Founder and Principal Designer at ANNACARIN.Design [AC.D] - an interior design studio specialising in Scandinavian influenced high-end residential interiors.

Massimo Mele

Electrolux Partner and chef, Massimo Mele, was born in Tasmania, then raised in Naples, Italy, where his culinary journey began.

Stephanie Conley

Stephanie Conley is a lover of home cooking and making healthy and simple meals with easy recipes with an emphasis on good produce and plate styling.

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