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Throwing away an uneaten head of cauliflower from your fridge might not seem like a big deal, but in the bigger picture it contributes to the 7.6 million tonnes of food that is lost or wasted every year in Australia1. Understanding your fridges features and how you can use them to properly preserve your food is key to helping you reduce food waste at home.

That’s why we’ve shared our top three tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your fridge – not only to help you save money, but to help the environment too!

1. Optimal cooling = optimal taste

TwinTech Cooling technology in our 609L UltimateTaste 900 French Door Refrigerator (EHE6899BA) will have your fresh food staying tasty and juicy for longer. How? Two independent cooling systems optimise humidity levels in your fridge to ensure that cold air doesn’t fry out your fresh food, maintaining taste and texture for longer.

Optimal cooling

2. Minimise the escape

Did you know cool air escapes every time that you open the fridge or freezer door, slowing down the preservation process? Prevent cool air from escaping and maximising energy use thanks to our SmartSplit door design. Two separate openings - one for larger items and the other for smaller - means you don't have to open both at the same time to access items.

3. Fresh fruit and veg, all week

TasteLockAuto crispers do what they say they do - lock in taste automatically. These sealed crispers with automatic humidity control maintain the right humidity levels for fruit and vegetables, removing excess moisture, reducing condensation and keeping your produce fresher for longer.

Fresh fruit and veg

At Electrolux, we’re passionate about creating an eco-system of products that make it easy and inspiring for you to eat and live more sustainably and enjoyably, without compromise.

We can all make a positive impact by reducing food waste, lowering meat consumption, eating more locally sourced plants and maximising the nutrition of our food. Learn more about what we’re doing to help you be more sustainable in the kitchen.

1 The Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Tackling Australia’s food waste (2021).

Fresh fruit and veg

UltimateTaste 900 Refrigeration range

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