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With the Electrolux UltimateTaste, you don’t have to compromise on taste, when you make healthier and more nutritious food choices.

Each year, humans throw away 1/3 of all global food production, with households being the largest contributor to this total wastage. We can all make a positive impact by reducing food waste, lowering meat consumption, eating more locally sourced plants and maximising the nutrition of our food. Electrolux enables this, by creating an eco-system of products that make it easy and inspiring for you to eat and live more sustainably without compromise.

Delicious frying, less oil

To maximise taste and texture, the mesh design of the AirFryPlus tray allows super-heated air to crisp the surface of food to deliver a mouth-watering fried taste. Steam is added during the cooking process to help retain moisture inside the food, whilst the outside becomes deliciously crisp and golden.

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Match the method to your meals

With the versatile combination of induction zones and a high-power as burner, you can tailor your cooking technique to your culinary repertoire with ease.

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Fresh fruit and veg all week

TasteLockAuto maintains a humid environment to keep fruit and vegetables fresh and bursting with flavour for longer. A membrane automatically releases excess moisture to reduce condensation and stop your produce from spoiling early.

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The hands-free hood

When paired with a compatible Electrolux extractor hood, Hob2Hood automatically switches it on as you start cooking and adjusts the fan speed based on how you are using your hob. This means you can boil, sear or stir-fry without having to touch your hood with greasy fingers.

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We purchased this Cooktop about 1 month ago. We have been impressed with the progressive nature of how it applies heat. Very easy to adjust temperatures. FlexiBridge is the best feature of it. Copes with many pan sizes.
Cheeky | Port Macquarie | Owned 1 month
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