Sustainable clothing brand

Breaking fashion trends with UNIKSPACE

Embark on a sustainable living journey with UNIKSPACE’s eco-conscious apparel, embodying the core values of slow and sustainable fashion.

Chia sisters

Sustainable Living with Chia Sisters

Founders Florence and Chloe Van Dyke of Chia Sisters, take us through their sustainability initiatives, the Swedish influence on their lives and why they set out to create the all-natural, health-promoting, and New Zealand’s first solar-powered juicer.

Veggie saver

Veggie Saver Sustainable Bag

Founder of Veggie Saver, the sustainable produce bag, Peita Pini reveals her secrets to sustainability at home.

Good Edi

Sustainable Living Through Edible Cups

Co-founders of Good Edi, Catherine and Aniyo, talk about their ground-breaking innovation in the war against single-use coffee cups

Massimo Mele

Sustainable Living with Massimo Mele

Tasmanian Chef and Electrolux Ambassador Massimo Mele reveal his sustainability successes and how he practices mindful eating.

Better living


The Better Living Program is a 11-year action plan by Electrolux that aims to shape better and more sustainable living around the world. Its focus is an evolving list of 100 bold actions that we pledge to undertake by 2030. These actions represent our commitment to the four clear targets we have defined across the categories of Better Eating, Better Garment Care, Better Home Environment and Better Company.

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