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Our future is determined by the way we all live our lives today. It’s not about doing everything, but implementing sustainable habits here and there to help make a collective difference.

If in 2023 you want to do that bit better when it comes to sustainability, we’ve crowd-sourced 23 tips to inspire.

Hannah, 29 and Harry, 30

We’re really conscious of the impact our habits can have on the planet so we identified a few key areas we could improve in and will be building on these in 2023 and beyond.

1. We have a worm farm where we compost food scraps and worm wee is used as fertiliser in our garden.

2. Our electricity is 100% renewable sourced (solar farm).

3. We are conscious of our overall grocery shopping – we avoid palm oil in soap and detergents and never use single-use plastic bags for fruit and vegetables.

4. We use a food delivery service which is portion controlled and avoids wastage.

Seon, 39

I’m very much a foody and I hate seeing food go to waste so there are a few things I do in the kitchen to make sure I’m not throwing anything out unnecessarily.

5. I pickle leftover vegetables to eat later. Anything from carrots to radishes, onions and cauliflower.

6. Freezing fruit in big ice cubes for summer smoothies is something I’ve always done. For example, mangoes are in season and super cheap now, so I buy in bulk and freeze them to use throughout the year.

7. I also dehydrate leftover citrus in my oven for cocktails or cakes.

Raje, 35

My family tries and reduce the amount of single-use plastic we use as much as possible, and where we can’t avoid it we recycle it through local programs.

8. Our air conditioner overflows so we use that to water our plants.

9. The local supermarket we shop at has a proper recycling program, so we take soft plastics to recycle when we grocery shop.

10. We avoid cling film at all costs and opt for reusable containers for any leftovers and uncut vegetables.

11. With kids, we bring Tupperware in our nappy bag for any restaurant leftovers to avoid bringing home plastic containers.

Electrolux environmentally conscious tips planting and watering home vegetables

Coreena, 38 and Ben, 38

It can be a little tricky to stay sustainable with kids but teaching them the importance of sustainable habits when they’re young is key.

12. My kids’ school is encouraging sustainability by collecting the tags of bread loaves and donating the plastic to be recycled. It’s become a fun habit for the whole family, but particularly gets the kids involved in sustainable habits young.

13. At home, we make sure all our food is stored in the fridge correctly. For example, keeping fruit and vegetables in the crisper to ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible, and we reduce food waste.

Sarah, 53

My family is very much embracing a sustainable lifestyle where possible. These are a few of the easy things we do around our house and kitchen.

14. My family has chickens which we feed on kitchen scraps. Eggs are a bonus by-product!

15. We recycle coffee grounds as a mulch for our vegetable and herb gardens.

16. Growing our own herbs saves a lot of packaging and waste and means you can harvest what you want when you want.

17. We use the citrus peel to deter slugs and snails in the garden and squeeze and freeze citrus when in season.

18. We have a bag of frozen blueberries and add the leftovers or imperfect ones each week for use in cooking – muffins, crumbles, pies.

19. Freeze aging bananas for banana bread.

20. Make passata from tomato gluts.

21. Freeze parmesan rinds for use in minestrone.

22. Make a minestrone each week with the bottom of the fridge leftovers.

23. We also have a solar-passive, solar-powered house and recycle grey water.
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