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Picture this: the cheerful clinks of glasses, laughter filling the air, and an array of delectable dishes awaiting their moment in the spotlight. But behind every gathering lies an unsung hero—the fridge. It plays a crucial role in ensuring your gatherings are seamless and enjoyable, so we’re here to help you ensure your hosting goes off without a hitch with our round-up of fridge must-knows.

Fridge Storage

You have stocked up on all your Christmas food and drink essentials, so let's talk storage. Our French Door Fridge comes with a customisable door bin design which means you can arrange your fridge just the way you want it. Different-sized compartments effortlessly accommodate a myriad of drinks for an endless night of celebration and hold the ingredients for a picture-perfect cheese board.

Fridge Storage

Fresh Fruit and Veg, All Week

The festive season is a time of abundance! With extra berries destined for the Christmas pavlova and an array of vegetables set to charm unexpected guests, preserving their freshness becomes an art. Enter TasteLock Auto crispers - they’re more than just compartments. Our crispers do what they say they do - lock in taste automatically.

So what exactly does this mean? These sealed crispers with automatic humidity control maintain the right humidity levels for fruit and vegetables, removing excess moisture, reducing condensation, and preserving your produce.

Electrolux fridge full of fruits

Minimise the Air Escape

Often, we find ourselves opening the fridge door more than usual during Christmas time as we are spending more time at home cooking. However, every time that you open the fridge door cool air escapes which in turn slows down the preservation process. To help combat this problem we created a SmartSplit door design that has created two separate openings - one for larger items and the other for smaller. This means you don’t have to open both at the same time to access items, preventing cool air from escaping and assisting in maximising energy usage.

Don’t Forget About the Leftovers

While the festive period is all about dinner parties and catching up with old friends, it is also a time to relax. There is no better feeling than knowing you don’t even have to think about cooking as you have leftovers in the fridge. And with our complete cooling solution, you can ensure your leftovers stay fresh and full of flavour by choosing one of the five temperature settings from -23C to 7C.

But what to do with these delightful leftovers? Enter "pytt i panna," a Swedish tradition translating to "little pieces in a pan." Transform your dinner remnants—veggies, meats—into diced pieces and pan-fry to perfection. Serve with a fried egg or a side of pickled beetroot slices, and voilà—a delicious meal to savour without the cooking hustle.

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