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As fresher mornings and brisker nights roll in with the change of season, it’s time to bring those wardrobe staple knits out of summer hibernation. When it comes to laundry though, few of us are taking the time to properly look after our knitwear.

With Electrolux, looking after your clothes is effortless. Our front-load washing machines come with a range of smart, innovative and sustainable features that keep your favourites looking their best for longer, so you can focus on the things that make you happy.

Here, we help you look after your autumn knitwear the right way and make it last with tips to reviving your seasonal wardrobe.

Laundry Care Tips

Laundry Care Tips to Revive your Autumn Knits

1. Pay attention to features

Knitted items are notoriously delicate, so when it comes to refreshing them for the season ahead, it’s important to know the features and functions of your washing machine inside out. Thanks to innovation in technology, no longer do you have to labour over hand washing and air drying your knitwear. Simply opt for the delicates function on your appliances, and we’ll look after the rest.

Our UltimateCare range of washers and dryers come with specialised programs and features that can help you create a more sustainable future. By taking care of the clothes that you love you can give them a longer life.


Make sure your favourite knits are protected with each wash, by keeping them in a better condition for longer with AutoDose. Too much or too little detergent can be harmful to your garments, but AutoDose delivers the exact amount each load needs.

Vapour Refresh:

By using vapour, you save on water consumption, extend the life of clothes and reduce the climate impact. Steam can also treat wrinkles and creases to save you time when ironing.


Say goodbye to detergent or soil residue on your freshly washed garments. UltraMix ensures detergent is fully dissolved before it reaches your fabrics for 40% less colour fading after 52 washes, even using cold water.

Need some guidance on which washing machine will suit your household best? Check out our buying guide to help you decide.

2. Store it correctly

The age-old question – is it better to hang or fold knitwear? Storing knitwear correctly is just as important as knowing how to properly wash it.

Most importantly, avoid hangers at all costs as this will cause the knitwear to quickly stretch, pucker and misshape before your next wear and can be difficult to reverse. Instead, fold your knitwear and store it in drawers or shelves to properly preserve its shape. However if your wardrobe format doesn’t allow you to hang knitwear, try folding sweaters over the top of the hanger in a way that won’t stretch the fabric, like this.

3. Don’t fall into drying myths

Many people believe that excessive heat and tumbling from a dryer may permanently ruin delicate fabrics, but modern technology has found a way for you to dry your knits with no damage.

Our dryers feature a DelicateCare system which adjusts temperatures and motion for precise care. DelicateCare wool cycles carefully tailor temperature and motion to suit the unique properties of the delicate fabric, where woollen garments are kept flat against the drum’s surface to prevent shrinkage*.

Adding to our drying credentials, our Woolmark Blue certification ensures your prized hand wash-only knits can be dried safely, with no felting or shrinking. With Electrolux, you can easily keep your favourites looking their best, for longer.

*No shrinkage of woollens comparable to flat drying.

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