How to Bring Joy to Your Laundry with Anna-Carin McNamara

The laundry is one of the most practical and essential places in any home, but sometimes it can be overlooked when it comes to design and aesthetic.

Electrolux Partner, Anna-Carin McNamara has shared her expert tips on how to bring joy to your laundry space.

Bring in natural light

If you are at the initial stage of your designing your home, consider where on the floorplan your laundry will sit and how much light it will get. Try to add larger windows and place the space in an accessible position of the house. You spend a lot of time there so why hide it away? Even though the laundry space is primarily where you will work, that doesn’t mean it can’t be an enjoyable space and natural light can really make a space feel warm and inviting.

Add greenery and plants

Incorporating plants will freshen the interior design of your laundry – plus, you can get great indoor plants such as ferns that thrive in humid spaces. This also works to add to the inviting nature of the space regardless if there’s natural light as greenery creates an enjoyable experience.

Choose the right appliances

Quality appliances really bring a laundry space together, both in the practical sense, and by making an impact to the overall design of your laundry space. My Electrolux Wi-Fi Enabled 10kg Front Load Washer (EWF1042BDWA) is the hero of my laundry. The intuitive technology takes the guess work out of washing by automatically detecting detergent levels to adjust the washing time. This means a more energy-efficient wash cycle and unnecessary wear on fabrics.

Make sure it’s well ventilated

Good ventilation in a laundry space is so important. Ensure there are adequate windows and that they open enough to let in fresh air. This will make sure that there isn’t a build-up of moisture in your laundry. Another thing to consider is adding heated floors. It’s quite a luxury but so useful in a laundry room because it makes the space feel comfortable and prevents any dampness from taking residence.

Integrate your storage

Integrate different storage options throughout your laundry to really maximise the space. Try and source stylish trays, containers and organisers for all your cleaning products. The combination or drawers and open shelving ensures there is always a place for everything, so you can enjoy a spacious, clutter free space.

Paid partnership with Anna-Carin McNamara