Laundries present a great opportunity to express your style and have some fun – making doing the washing less of a chore.

Three Birds Renovations: “Just because the laundry is a utility room it doesn’t have to look utilitarian! In most family homes the laundry room is one that gets used a lot, so why not make it one that you enjoy being in. It might help make those daily tasks feel like less of a chore!”

“Don’t get carried away with beauty at the expense of functionality. Make sure you’ve included all the laundry essentials first, like great appliances, good ventilation, lots of storage… and then make it all look beautiful.”

Here, Bonnie, Lana and Erin from Three Birds Renovations show us how to “bring the bling” without taking things over the top in the laundry:

Invest in high quality appliances

We love appliances which sit under the bench to maximise bench space and are visually pleasing too. In our most recent renovation, we choose the Electrolux 10kg UltimateCare System and 9kg Heat Pump Condenser Dryer to meet the needs of a busy family of four who had loads of laundry!

Focus on feature handles and fixtures

Choose good quality tapware that will last for years. At House 10 we chose tumbled brass for a touch of bling and it matches the brass cupboard pulls and door handles as well.

Choose tiles that make you smile

The laundry can be a good place to add a bit of fun and express your personality. It’s a good opportunity to choose tiles that are bit more out there than the rest of your house.

Follow the light

A window in a laundry always takes a small dark room up a notch! If it opens, it’s great added ventilation and if not, at least you’ll get a view while you’re washing your smalls.

Don't forget the styling!

Greenery (fresh or faux) is always a great addition to a laundry, as is a beautiful smelling candle and soap. Laundry powder is never a great styling item and best left hidden in the cupboard!

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