Drying with Care

Electrolux dryers adjust temperatures and motion for precise care. So you can relax, knowing you never have to worry about your favourite t-shirt or pants coming out a size too small, ever again.


No shrinkage. No shape loss.*

Trust your wool and silk garments to the UltimateCare dryer. DelicateCare wool and silk cycles carefully tailor temperature and motion to suit the unique properties of these delicate fabrics. Woollens are kept flat against the drum’s surface to prevent shrinkage and silks are gently air-dried at very low temperatures to prevent shape-loss*.

*No shrinkage of woollens comparable to flat drying. No shape-loss of silks comparable to air drying

Heat pump technology

Designed for increased energy efficiency and exceptional performance, our heat pump dryers use significantly less energy compared to our standard condenser and gently dry clothes at a lower temperature. Without the need to be ducted, they don't create unnecessary hot air or moisture in your laundry.

Goodbye uneven drying

Say goodbye to unevenly dried clothes, and hello to precision drying. The 3DSense technology measures the humidity and dampness of the load and adjusts the drying time accordingly to ensure all fabrics, even silk and wool, will be dried with optimal, precise care and giving consistent results, every time.

Nice on knits

Our Woolmark Blue certification ensures your prized hand wash only woollens can be dried safely, with no felting or shrinking.

Drying with care

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