Keep your favourites looking newer for longer

Looking after your clothes is effortless with Electrolux. Our washing machines come with a range of smart, innovative and sustainable features that keep your favourites looking their best, for longer so you can focus on the things that make you happy.


Effortless laundry for you, better care for your clothes

Make sure your favourites are protected with each wash, by keeping them in a better condition for longer with AutoDose. It isn’t easy to work out how much detergent should go into each wash and with AutoDose, you don't have to. Too much or too little detergent can be harmful to your garments, but AutoDose delivers the exact amount each load needs.

Intuitive and intelligent

Keep colours bright, whites startling and blacks dark. With SensorWash, Smart sensors automatically detect the soil and detergent levels to adjust the washing time for optimal, energy-efficient results that reduces unnecessary wear on fabrics.

Deeper clean

Say goodbye to detergent or soil residue on your freshly washed garments. UltraMix ensures detergent is fully dissolved before it reaches your fabrics for 31% less colour fading after 52 washes, even using cold water.

Hygienic clean. Vapour care

Electrolux front load washers with vapour option removes up to 99.2% of Der f1 (dust mite) and Fel d1 (cat allergen) and up to 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia during a 40°C cottons wash.

Hand it to us

You can safely trust your washer to treat your delicate wool garments with utmost care. With Woolmark Blue certification, our wool cycle is proven to be gentle even your hand wash only woollens, keeping them as fresh and lovely as they felt when you first put them on.

Quietly efficient

Reduce your energy needs by up to 50% with a powerful and reliable EcoInverter motor that cuts vibrations and noise to the barest whisper. The ten-year warranty means your washer will deliver, wash after wash, year after year.

Fit more in

Just back from a big trip? The new, extra-large door opening makes for seamless loading or unloading of your laundry.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Electrolux app allows you to be in control of your appliance. Choose your favourite wash program, add options, monitor the wash and receive notifications on-the-go. Get expert advice from our Stain guide, or use the Care Advisor to send the right programs to the machine just for you.

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