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One of the most important appliances to keep clean is your fridge. Not only is it key to keeping your food fresher, but it also avoids chances for food contamination and food-borne illnesses. After all, there’s nothing worse than opening your fridge and being greeted by potent smells of expired food, spoilage, or rotten fresh produce.

That’s why we’ve shared our four tips for an odour-free fridge – not only to avoid dangerous bacteria but also because a clean fridge makes your groceries much more appetising!

1. Clean, hygienic storage and deodorisers

For a quick fix, simply put an open container of baking soda, oats, or used coffee grounds at the back of your fridge to neutralise odours. If you prefer fragrance, soak a cotton ball in vanilla extract or lemon juice, and let that sit.

To keep your fridge even fresher, use these natural deodorisers alongside the TasteGuard feature of the 609L UltimateTaste 900 French Door Refrigerator (EHE6899BA). Its carbon filter captures all unwanted odours and prevents them from altering the taste and smell of your food.



2. Regularly do a refrigerator audit

It’s best to have a deep clean every two to three months. Discard expired condiments, wilted greens or leftovers beyond repair, and wipe containers with exposed food residue.

Clean all surfaces and easily slide out all adjustable shelves and different sized compartments of your fridge. After giving them a good wash with soapy water, slide them back in and customise the space according to your needs.

3. First in, first out

To keep a clean refrigerator, keep older or easily perishable items at the front and within reach, while store those that can last longer elsewhere. This way, it will be easier to finish food before they expire and save money on groceries by clearly knowing what groceries are available or need replenishing.

Our 609L UltimateTaste 900 French Door Refrigerator (EHE6899SA) offers multidoor flexibility to give you the ultimate storage space for everything. Not only does organise your food but avoids implications like spoilage and confusion with nasty end dates.




4. Use humidity controls

Keep your ingredients fresher for longer and avoid potent smells of mouldy fruit and vegetables with crisper drawers. These automatically support the right humidity for levels of fresh produce, removing excess moisture and reducing condensation to help food last longer. Our TasteLockAuto crispers do exactly what they say they do – lock in taste automatically and control humidity to help prevent early spoilage.

UltimateTaste 900 Refrigeration range

  • FlexFresh™ Fully Convertible Entertainer's Drawer
  • SmartSplit Door Design
  • Connectivity
Good Design Award -  Domestic Appliances
  • FlexFresh™ Fully Convertible Entertainer's Drawer
  • SmartSplit Door Design
  • Connectivity
Good Design Award -  Domestic Appliances
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