There’s a subtlety to hosting the perfect dinner party. Whether it’s casual pizza on the deck or a three-course dinner in the dining room, the ultimate night in is about making your friends feel so relaxed and content that they never want to leave. Ensure your next event goes off without a hitch with these tips from our Electrolux Partners.

Kate Gibbs, Food writer, Author and Cook

1. Set the scene: Start with the basics. Make sure the house is clean and good music is playing. Create a vibe that sets the tone of the evening, and make sure everyone is relaxed, including the host (you).
2. Pamper your guest: Hosting a dinner party is about creating the ultimate escape for your friends from their daily chores.
3. The food matters: Whether it’s canapés or a sit-down meal, no matter the occasion there has to be enough food. Think snacks and nibbles, bowls and platters set and filled, ready to keep guests busy and content.

Massimo Mele, Chef, Sydney and Hobart

1. Think it through: Make sure you think about what style of event you would like to have. Casual or formal? You can get caught up in the finer details and forget the most important thing - style.
2. Your menu, your budget and most importantly your skill level. Pick dishes that look great, taste great and are easy to prepare.
3. Drink well: Drinks need to be of the highest quality and served right, so make sure the bubbles and beers are on ice.

For dinner party recipes ideas visit our recipes page.
Massimo Mele, Chef, Sydney and Hobart

Massimo Mele, Chef, Sydney and Hobart

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