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Cyclonic Starter Kit
Cyclonic Starter Kit

Cyclonic Starter Kit

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Cyclonic Starter Kit to suit SilentPerformer and UltraFlex series. Contains 1 x washable fine dust filter and 1 x washable s-filter®
Cyclonic Starter Kit
(21 reviews)
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Rid Homes of Allergens and Bacteria

The filtration included in this kit purifies air by up to 99.95%, capturing harmful allergens and bacteria.
Motor Protection Motor Protection

Motor Protection

The washable motor filter protects your vacuum cleaner motor from dust particles inside the dust container. Replace your filter at least twice a year or when it becomes visibly soiled.

Easy to Change Filters

An easily accessible filter makes maintaining your vacuum a breeze.

Purchase Online - http://shop.electrolux.com.au/

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Swedish Design and Manufacture Swedish Design and Manufacture

Swedish Design and Manufacture

This product has been designed and manufactured in Sweden to the highest quality standards you'd come to expect from the market experts.

Everything Needed to Keep Your UltraFlex Vacuum Performing

Global research shows that an average household collects between 14L - 17L of dirt each year. With this in mind Electrolux has created a value pack of all the consumables required to keep Electrolux vaccums performing at their best for up to 1 year.
Clean Air Clean Air

Clean Air

The HEPA 12 filter captures even the finest particles of pollen, mould spores, dust mite faeces and allergens, purifying 99.5% of the air leaving the vacuum cleaner.


1 x Fine Dust Filter
1 x s-filter™ HEPA Hygiene Filter
Purchase online via shop.electrolux.com
Swedish Design and Manufacture
Long Lasting Value Pack
ULTRAFLEX starter kit for models ZUF4207ACT, ZUF4205AF, ZUF4203PET and ZUF4201OR

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