Massimo Mele, Sydney Chef

Q: What’s your go to breakfast beverage?

A: I normally drink a strong soy latte. On a hot day I love a strong iced coffee and in the afternoon I’ll have a Macchiato. I love coffee!

Q: What do you usually eat for breakfast each day?

A: Breakfast is usually on the go so I’ll have a wholemeal crumpet, vegemite and mortadella! Sounds whacky but it’s a great combo!

Q: Where’s your favourite brunch spot in Sydney?

A: After a swim with the family at Bronte, Three Blue Ducks is always a favourite stop off. I always get the same thing - scrambled eggs with blood sausage and cranberry relish. I'm a creature of habit and that brekky is a winner!

Q: What’s a quick delicious breakfast people can whip up on the weekend?

A: Homemade potato waffles with fresh tomato, whipped ricotta and bacon (recipe below).


Massimo's Potato Waffles

Massimo’s recipe for homemade potato waffles with fresh tomato, whipped ricotta and bacon