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Making clothes last longer and reducing the environmental impact of garment care while caring for all fabrics is at the heart of everything we do. With 25% of a garment’s carbon footprint accounted for by how it is cared for*, the importance of how we launder our clothes is more imperative than ever.

To help you make it last in the laundry, our new UltimateCare range of front-load washers feature specialised programs and features that guarantee you can take care of the clothes you love for longer, while still being water and energy efficient.

We delve into five key functions and features of the range to show how you can transform the way you launder by incorporating innovative solutions that increase laundry efficiency and contribute to more sustainable practices.


1. AutoDose Yourself

The improved AutoDose function rejuvenates your clothes by automatically estimating how much detergent and fabric softener they need. Without overdosing, the system distinguishes the water, time and energy needed to maximise every load and take the guesswork out of washing, as too much or too little detergent can be harmful to your garments. All that so you can keep your whites whiter and your blacks blacker and looking their best, extending the life of the garment and reducing the environmental impact.



2. SensorWash technology

We’ve renewed our SensorWash technology to remove 49 visible stains ^ compared to previous models. Our 10kg Front Load Washer with SensorWash can effortlessly wash out all grease and dirt stains from any piece of clothing by adjusting the cycle duration accordingly. This ensures a sustainable load of washing so that you can tackle stain removal while being conscious of energy and water use.



3. UltraMix for a deeper clean

The UltraMix system built inside our newest washers will have you saying goodbye to detergent residue on your freshly washed clothes. The technology ensures your detergent is entirely mixed and dissolved before it reaches your fabrics, ensuring 40% less colour fading than previous models. You can expect less colour fading even after more than fifty washes and even more so when using cold water!



4. Energy efficient and quiet

Did you know that it takes 3,817L of water to make a single pair of jeans? * Reduce your energy needs by up to 50% with our new washing machines that comprise of powerful EcoInverter motors. Year after year, your washing machine will deliver and stay quiet as possible with the EcoInverter feature that cuts vibrations and noise to the barest whisper.


5. Extra-large door opening to fit all your clothes

The new, extra-large door opening makes for seamless loading or unloading of your laundry so that you don’t have to worry about washing multiple rounds. The extra-large drum not only saves energy and time but is perfect for big loads or bulky items like blankets and curtains that you’re unsure about how to wash. Get all your washing done at once with our huge 10kg capacity!


^ Tested on 4.5kg load with 5cm2 stains from food, household and personal products using Cotton 40C + Stain Cycle. Results may vary depending on factors such as load size, type and duration of soiling, detergent type and water pressure.
* Laundry Care Research – Europe, APAC & MEA, 2020