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Planning reunions with friends and family who have been apart for so long is a big responsibility. But it is a new year, and you are wiser now. The solution? One-pan meals.

These are perfect for big-batch cooking, easy clean-up, and hassle-free hosting without compromising taste. Dishes like baked salmon with vegetables or slow cooked pork cheeks are sure to please any crowd.

While these recipes appear to be no-brainers, there is always an easier way to make them even quicker. Here is how:

Just add steam

The main course is frequently roast chicken, ribs, or other meats that diners anticipate. While the oven generates more intense heat to crisp up the surface, it is also delicate enough to retain flavours that may be lost in conventional ovens. Simply add water to your oven and utilise SteamRoast function and have them questioning how you made the meat so deliciously tender. Check out our range of Steam Ovens.

Guide to one-pan meals for fuss-free hosting

Revive leftovers

Food can lose moisture in the fridge especially if they’re not stored in an airtight container. To reheat the food, use steam instead of your standard microwave to avoid drying them out. Beyond reheating, steam re-introduces moisture to your leftovers to revitalise them.

Let the 60cm UltimateTaste 900 multifunction steam & pyrolytic oven (EVEP618DSE) SteamReheat function to revitalise tender meats, restore colour to your greens, or refresh rice and pasta — just as how they were originally served.

Revive leftovers

Don’t sweat the cleaning

Cleaning is the last item on your party agenda. But you have to do it...or do you? With the Pyrolytic cleaning function on the 60cm UltimateTaste 900 multifunction steam & pyrolytic oven (EVEP618DSE), you get a self-cleaning oven that turns oven grease to ash, allowing you to wipe away any residue with minimal effort.

Don’t sweat the cleaning

Once the self-clean cycle commences the oven door will lock and will not unlock until the oven has cooled down to a safe temperature. The quadruple glazed glass panes designed to minimise heat being transferred outside the oven, ensure a cooler to touch door which has the benefit of keeping the kitchen cooler. Don’t forget to remove all racks and runners from the oven before commencing the cycle!

Reunions these days are more than just a gathering of your nearest and dearest; they are a chance to reconnect and bond. Make yours special to make up for the lost time.  Welcome the new year together, the smarter and better way — start by using an appliance that answers all your kitchen needs.

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