Electrolux steam recipes

To celebrate Electrolux’s best in class developments in steam cooking, the Electrolux ambassadors and Professionals – a collective of inspired chefs and cooking experts including Scott Bridger, James Viles, Massimo Mele, Stewart Wesson, Richard Ousby, Nelly Robinson and Pierrick Boyer – have each shared their favourite steam recipes for you to cook at home.

The Electrolux Steam oven incorporates the very best in technology including our unique Intuitive Oven Interface, smart food temperature probe and the enhanced FullTaste steam oven setting. FullTaste steam cooks with steam and heat to ensure the right combination of steam, moisture and heat so you can serve up restaurant quality dishes with all the succulent flavours locked in. Add this to stunning design features and pyrolytic cleaning and you have an oven that is as luxurious as it is functional.


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