Good design doesn't happen by accident. The Design DNA Elements is a series that dives into nine key components that make Electrolux stand out and appeal to consumers and all their senses.

"Design is the key to creating great experiences that represent Electrolux," says Terence Tan, Designer.

"As we shift our focus to user experiences, we need to appeal to all consumers' senses," he says. "The Electrolux Design DNA provides a framework to create multisensorial experiences that are more human and sustainable, both physically and digitally. This series is created to showcase this design framework and demonstrate how they impact our design processes, and ultimately our products."

Our designers will share their passion and insights with you, hopefully inspiring new ways of thinking about these elements in the context of your own work.


Electrolux designer Martin Svalander takes you on a truly illuminating journey. Learn about how his personal inspiration and professional methods shape his approach to an important – but often underappreciated – element of design: Light.


As our homes become increasingly connected and interactive, kitchen products have evolved. We no longer simply use them as tools – we now experience them as intelligent design objects in our homes.


Everything around us is made of something, and the materials communicate so much more than the object – it gives us a glimpse of the makers behind it.


Getting the textures of a product right isn’t just about achieving a certain look and feel – it’s about ensuring that the appliance can live as a timeless design piece that speaks to the user’s sense of touch.


From distinctively crafted shapes to clean lines and silhouettes, the function of form as a design element is to build harmonious relationships between objects, users, and their environment.


Whether you’re opening a door or pulling a drawer, motion gives products life.
Each day we repeatedly interact with objects through physical movement. When digital screens are used, movements can include scrolling, sliding, and transitions. These motions bring products to life!


“Scent is essential to the whole product experience because our senses are linked to each other,” says Electrolux designer Serena Wu. Join her on this enchanting journey into the world of Scent and discover how Electrolux is able to interact with scents to elevate the user experience.


In this episode of Electrolux Design DNA Elements, you’ll learn about how our designers use colour as a powerful tool to visually, emotionally, and functionally elevate our household appliances as design objects.


Sound is essential in creating an engaging user experience. Designer Daniel Mesa share how the element can connect with users in surprising easy, as well as how it can guide the flow of interaction with the product to make everyday experiences delightful.


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