• Renovation experts, Bonnie, Lana and Erin of Three Birds Renovations, recently revealed their 12th home renovation. This time, they transformed a small, old cottage into a warm, inviting and spacious modern home that suits the needs of the family of four who live here.

    The ‘Contemporary Cottage’ features a chic European-style laundry, situated in the kitchen for easy accessibility. A washer and dryer, a sink, storage and shelving are hidden behind timber doors that match the finishes of the kitchen cabinetry for a sleek, streamlined look – you would never even realise it’s there!

  •  A European laundry is perfect for any home or apartment that doesn’t have the extra space for a separate laundry room. Even though they are small, they are still highly functional and can also look beautiful.


Here, Bonnie, Lana and Erin from Three Birds Renovations share how to make a Euro laundry feel

The main elements

If you can fit in a bench and/or a sink, that’s ideal but it’s not totally necessary. You’ll also need some storage space – this might include, shelves, cupboards and free-standing spaces, depending on your personal needs. Don’t forget an exhaust fan to prevent damp and a light (so make sure you include sparky in your budget!).

Store the less appealing items

A floating shelf should strictly for pretty things only! Stash the laundry sprays and washing powder UNDER the sink to keep the space clutter-free and looking nice. Alternatively, we like to decanter the power into a glass jar and pop the pegs in a rattan basket to turn them into styling items.

Design details

Laundries deserve some design loving too! Just because it’s a utility space it doesn’t mean you can’t have gorgeous tapware and a premium engineered stone bench top and splashback.  Hey, if it looks great it might even make doing the laundry feel like less of a chore!

How to create a luxe European laundry

A place for everything…

… and everything in its place! Don’t forget to add a space for your ironing board, if it’s going to live in your Euro laundry. Make sure you’ve planned where everything will go before you confirm your layout. Don’t leave it to chance!

Stack your appliances

Front loader machines are usually the most practical for a Euro Laundry. We like to stack the dryer on top of the washing machine for a tall, skinny laundry, or, if you have the width, you could put the dryer and washer side-by-side under the counter for max bench space. In the House 12 Euro laundry,  we opted for the Electrolux 9 KG Front Loader Washing Machine with Daily Wash 60 and Electrolux 8KG Heat Pump Dryer Wifi Enabled.